• Jessica L


As a child we saw the world through beautiful eyes... We didn't have to think about money or greed we just worried about making new friends and whether or not you will be accepted. Then comes recess time and you are out with nature. You feel so free because nature gives you the freedom to adventure and feed your curiosity about the world you just entered. You don't want to be back in the classrooms anymore even though in the morning it was fresh from the morning air... The start of a brand and beautiful new day. In school you had your regular classes and then you went to music class and discovered so many exciting new instruments that it overwhelmed you and you were so eager to try them all. Even in gym class you had all this energy to run around and have fun but gym class didn't give you freedom to do that as much as outside did. At recess you discovered buried treasure or made up a story of some urban legend about the sidewalk at recess. Maybe you pranked your friends and buried a note made by true lovers, the new Romeo and Juliet of the decade... Everything changed unfortunately. You are not the same fun and energetic child you once were... You know things now that you can never unknow. As a child you didn't know about things like adulatory and how much that hurts you and a family. You didn't know loss, depression, and anxiety the world may later give you. Slowly you became jaded like everyone else and didn't see the world through young and curious eyes anymore. Maybe you given up on the world and went through complicated teenage stages of your middle school years to find yourself or call attention to yourself. You stopped being in the present and started looking at the future for your own survival which is why we do it. Survival in middle school can mean passing a test or see if the boy likes me but as you get older survival becomes different. Survival then becomes all about money because you need money to buy food. As a child you feel safe like you didn't need to survive but then you grow up and realize that your parents aren't perfect and they make mistakes too. Back in elementary school you might have lost your way to yourself because kids were mean and bullies and you listened to their words because thats all you heard or choose to listen to. But you can change that. Their words are not your reality and the reason why you keep thinking about those hurtful words that you have been bullied with is because that is what you wrongfully associate your identity with. You never took a look inside you, you always listened to the outside forces or peoples opinions of yourself define you you are. When in reality you are so much more. You are living here for a reason. Depression is for the people who think about the past while anxiety is for people who think about the future. Peace is for the people who think about the now. As a child you are able to do that without even thinking. You enjoy the nature, the chirping of the birds, the wind breezing against your face, is where you find the peace. As well as the sunlight that gives you a new found hope for the day that has yet to come. And the feeling of soft grass and the smell of fresh cut grass that brings you home. You are free to live a life that you chose. Peace and happiness is all inside you, even mother nature tries to bring it out, you just have to look for it with no mind as you did when you were a child. With no care of what could happen to you in this world and thats when you will find a better perception and a peace about your life and the world you live in. Life can be as beautiful as you make it.

©2018 by Journey to Self Discovery