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How to Make Your Summer Count!

When you are alone in a house for hours at a time while your parents are off at work it can get kind of boring. Especially when your sitting around thinking about something to do. I will split my tips into categories for those who have to play indoors, both indoors and outdoors, and outdoors.

Indoor Activities:

1. Play video games- I know this sounds like common sense but I have to suggest it in case people didn't think about it. If you do not have video games you can easily create a game inside or find a board game somewhere in your house. Playing games are a great activity to get the mind distracted as it creates goals and accomplishments for yourself to get excited about. Also, if you have a paid membership either to xbox or ps4 then you can play games with random people and enjoy talking. Just be careful for not giving up your personal information.

2. Clean your room- This will feel like a relief knowing that your environment is clean around you. Somehow it helps you feel good internally. But not only that benefit but it will make your parents happy :)

3. Read- Reading helps exercise the mind by learning comprehensive skills quicker and increase your vocabulary.

4. Watch your favorite movies- Watching movies with your friends or yourself is a good way to have fun.

6. Relax- Taking a nice and relaxing bubble bath is a great way to spend time to yourself.

Both Indoor and Outdoor Activities:

7. Meditate- Meditation is proven to make yourself more happier probably because it helps to clear your mind and focus on the now. I'll make a Youtube video about that later.

8. Exercise- Now I know a lot of people prefer to be lazy but take this summer to focus on your health. If you have your own home gym or even have a treadmill go hop on that and run. Or you can run outside and do non equipment exercises like pushups, sit ups, etc. Join a gym if you have the money its a great investment on yourself.

9. Learn- Learn about things that you are interested in. Whether that would be about cars, coding, makeup, whatever it may be now is a good idea to start learning over the summer. There are a lot of helpful resources on Youtube, Google, and free books you can rent out at your local library if you want to get too deep into it.

10. Prepare for the next year- If you are ambitious and care about your grades more than I do then it would be a good idea to start preparing for your next classes so you can ace them!

Volunteer- Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. If you like pets, volunteer at a pet shelter, if you like to go shopping volunteer at places like goodwill.

Outside Activities:

11. Get outside- All winter long you have been trapped indoors. What better way to celebrate the summer than going outside! You can do for a run, walk, bike ride, play basketball, soccer, etc. Heck you could go hiking if you wanted to!

12. Go camping- If your a teenager you can set up a small tent in your backyard if you are a teen but if you can go places then go! There are a lot of resources online that can help you decide your next vacation trip.

13. Create a mini garden- You can purchase a small pot and grow flowers or vegetables in. Also, you can find recipes online to help preserve your plants and/or create healthy recipes for you and your family.

14. Have fun in the water- If you don't have access to a lake or a swimming pool play around with the hose or sprinklers in your yard! Doing this you are more likely to be happier because the sun penetrating on your skin created vitamin D in your bloodstream which can make you happy. You can also get a nice tan!

15. Visit places- It doesn't have to be far. You can visit a local museum or towns around yours that you are unfamiliar with. You can visit local beaches or go out to get ice cream. Heres an idea!- you can visit places that claim to have ghost attractions so that you can see for yourself if the place is really haunted.

16. Go shopping- retail therapy is a lot of fun and you can enjoy the day with yourself and/or your friends

But most importantly you should take the time to enjoy your summer. I challenge you to find yourself this summer. Spend sometime alone and really appreciate yourself and your surroundings. Once you walk into the adult world it is over. You won't have 3-5 months off every year once you enter the workforce. Once you do its all work the rest of your life before retirement. So enjoy yourself and celebrate what you and your body can do.

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