• Jessica L

How to not feel so alone

We all get these days where we can feel so alone in the world. People are busy and you may find that sitting around in a house all day is not good for your well being. The brain is a self destructive organ yet it looks out for your survival at the same time. Spending too much time in your head can cause depression if you do not view highly of yourself. Maybe you experienced a breakup and are having a hard time dealing with it or your the type of person that struggles making friends. Either way, here are my simple tips to help you feel so that you are not alone.

1. Keep yourself busy- This will help you get distracted enough so you can avoid thinking about being alone. There are various ways to keep yourself occupied. You can clean, write, draw, read, play (video) games or join a club and meet people. Learning is also a great way to keep yourself busy through books or the internet.

2. Try to connect with friends or find new ones- Connecting with old friends can be a simple task in which you can go on any social media platforms and reach out to them. If they are too busy or do not want to hang out with you then try to find new friends through the social media platforms. Easier said than done I know and I am still learning to this day on how to find new friends. But I believe anyone can do that if they try and set their mind to it. I personally like being by myself because I get to understand myself more and not mistake my identity by someone who thinks they know me.

3. Get more involved with volunteering- Volunteering brings you joy and a sense of purpose in this world. Reach out and helping people can make you feel good about yourself. So try it!

4. Focus on yourself- Now is never a perfect time to focus on yourself. You can do this doing many different activities. Meditation is a very good option to find yourself. Through meditation you can find your inner and peaceful world. Connecting to your inner spirit and knowing yourself on a deeper and personal level will give you the confidence to go out in this world. I will be doing an article on meditation and connecting with your inner self later on the blog.

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