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Confessions of a 2019 New Blogger

Welcome viewers of 2019! I’d like to start of this year posting my first blog in a long time! My main goal is to help people find themselves by guiding them to be mentally strong and to find happiness within themselves. This article will be more of a reboot as I will like to explain to you what you can expect from this blog:

What my idea is for this blog:

I would like to report back to my viewers of what I am passionate about and that is self love and self care tips for oneself, college tips and tricks, and holiday crafts. I may add in some funny articles because laughter is the best medicine for anything you’re going through but I am doing a trial run so let's see how things go.

My story: I suffered from severe depression most of my life and I found a way to break out of it! I would like to share how I did it with people that may be going through a similar situation I want to offer them hope and get them out of that dark state for a better future.This is my hope for this blog and I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday and I may post on the weekends if I am feeling inspired or any other day it just depends on how inspired I may be feeling because I want to deliver to my readers the best content and I can’t do that without feeling inspired.

I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday or sometimes I may post more days out of the week depending how inspired I may be feeling. I want to deliver the best content for my readers which will be when I'm most inspired. I am excited bringing my readers along with me as we embark on this journey to self discovery together!

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