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New Year’s Resolutions and how I plan on accomplish those goals:

Top goals I want to accomplish this year:

1. Make my blog become the success that it has the potential to be:

I plan to do this by loving the content I write and get into it. I want my blog to be inspirational and fun when people go on it. Maybe ideas/ways to create things such as craft and design might be a good idea and for cheap too, of course. I told myself to spend 10-30 minutes a day on my blog… writing this article took me about an hour so that gets me almost caught up for the week.

2. Yoga/meditation morning and night:

I plan on accomplish this by telling myself it feels good, has to be done, and it’s worth doing.

3. Be happy with my life:

I will start doing this by saying thank you every step I take out of bed and know that I do have so much to be loving and blessed about and blogging to reach out to amazing people like you is one of the things that makes me the happiest. Being able to connect and help people go through what I went through is an award in of itself.

4. Join clubs in college and make more friends:

Along with me being happy with my life goal, I want to network and start making new friends around my community. I will start by going to clubs and introducing myself, which is the first hardest step in my opinion. To get myself there I tell myself that I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things, which has been the case. I’m excited to learn how they’re using their operating system to build those robots and I’m excited to join the Automotive club and learn about cars because I know myself well enough that I like to build and design things. After the evening clubs I do get worn out because I’m an introvert so talking with so many people at once is too stimulating for me that it drains me but I know as part of my health and care I must connect and socialize with people because we as human beings are social creatures. Throughout high school it was hard for me to make friends so know I have a second chance and opportunity to welcome as many new people into my life as I can with fun experiences and laughters that come with it.

5. 4.0 GPA overall this semester:

I know that this is a high expectation but I am ready to take on the challenge. It’s definitely going to be hard this semester because I’m taking difficult courses since I’m an IT major but I plan on accomplishing this goal by getting obsessive with my grades by keeping track of them and writing them down. Also, with the reading quizzes I’m going to study my professors methods and see where in the book she’s getting these answers.

6. Increase my confidence and self love for myself:

Everyone needs to work on some things and my confidence levels when I’m around people or leading people is something I have to work on. I second guess myself and overthink and I can go into a downward spiral so what I need to do is to love myself first and know myself well enough that to the point where I become decisive. It’s not selfish to love yourself. Growing up I was taught to put other people before myself and I tried to solve the wrong kinds of peoples problems...There may be a story about how I ended up with a sociopath as a friend… but despite all my life hardships I still came out strong and am still pushing forward.

7. Workout:

Like everyone's goal mine is to workout. I plan on accomplishing this by doing little workouts at a time. Just go to the gym and do as much as I can and leave. I’m not going to push myself hard in the beginning because I know I will give up if its too challenging. This way I’m going to ease into it and still get a good workout. Also, I plan to accomplish this by going to the gym and telling myself that it is good for me and will help clear my mind. Furthermore, I know that the post workout feels so good. I don’t know what it is but it seems like food tastes so better, sleep feels better, my mental focus may increase I don't know. My mental image of myself also feels much better too.

8. Read at least 2 books per month:

Unfortunately I’ve been falling out of this but I’m going to start reading despite how tired I am right now. Just need a good book that you are interested in and you can start and never put it down.

9. Have faith and trust life's process:

Let's say you want to find love. Personally I’m into geeks and love characters like the flash he’s so cute to me! I plan, have faith and trust that he’s finding his way to me. I have faith that he will get here and we can be happy together. Because I got a lot of love to share and I want to share it with someone that’ll make me happy like my ex did. Also, if you want money, according to the secret, just say the amount you want and believe that you already have it and feel grateful and it will come to you. Don’t forget to picture it in your head.

Some extra goals:

1. Get a job over the summer:

I have updated my resume and written my cover letter and I just have to wait for my career adviser to edit it and I will take a weekend or winter recess and apply for jobs. I also need to work on my elevator pitch because I am a soft spoken kind of person. Luckily my university has an elevator pitch workshop for me and my college students to go to.

2. Learn to play the guitar:

I already have the guitar with a book on how to play the guitar in my room collecting dust… I think that it will be a summer project because I have a busy semester figuring out what clubs I’d like, trying to get a 4.0, and launching this blog to the success it can be.

3. Learn another language:

I’ve always liked learned languages so I’m plan on using amazon kindle where it reads you the book of the language you want to learn and when you click the word that you don't know it will translate that for you in English.

4. Build an office computer:

I plan to do that when I have income.

5. Volunteer:

I have a cute pet shelter in my town that I will plan on applying over the summer.

6. Go to church:

I just want to find my spirituality so going to church will be a good idea for me to do.

7. No more feeling sorry for yourself:

Enough playing the victim card. This is a trap the brain has for me but I plan on not falling for it again.

8. Get back into drawing:

I have a studio so hopefully as part of my relaxation and down time I will do it.

9. Stay out of people's business:

I know that this is easier for some than others but I used to have an obsessive personality because I wrongly thought that if people didn't want to tell me there business then it means they don't consider me as a close friend. Which is not true people are entitled to their own private life just like I am.

10. Not talking ill about people who wronged you:

This may be hard for some of us but I feel like its an important skill to learn. If you do talk ill it will get back to you and you’ve created drama you don’t want. This also follows along the lines of not talking from a cynical place. Calm yourself down and just talk from either a factual (without your own feelings involved) place.

These are the plans I have for myself more or less and to help get me excited about these goals I have a piece of paper that congratulates me for all the goals I have accomplished or on the right track to accomplish them.

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