• Jessica L

How to find your passion

This blog post will be for those who have not discovered there passion yet and these are two of my easy tips for how you can do so!

I didn’t know for a while of what I was passionate about, like most, so I thought to myself what do I think I may want to do for fun and for my life?… I didn’t have a clear answer so I started watching movies and that's where I got hinted towards the path I should explore for finding my potential passions. Which is my first suggestion is to go through movies and the excitement you get watching them can help point you in the right direction to where your passion is. It really is a hit or miss but everything about life is experiment and learning. If you have an idea of what you love, from a movie, then try it by joining a club on campus or interviewing someone you know of in that field. If it’s not for you try something else, DO NOT be devoted to your first idea. For example, from watching the movie, the Terminator, I got really excited and figured that I wanted to pursue a degree in computer works. I thought I wanted to be a computer engineer and realized it had way too many math classes for me to work with so I decided to go for a basic computer major and chose IT. IT is the major for me because it still requires all the coding classes I wanted to learn without the rigorous math courses. To feed into my curiosity of making sure I chose the right major I decided to join clubs. I’m currently in robotics and getting a feel for it and while I am interested in learning it I wasn’t overly excited about it as I hoped.

So, my next experiment, in the search for my passion, is joining the automotive club at my college. It was one of those things that I knew for a long time that I wanted to work with cars but I haven’t acknowledged that curiosity because I didn’t have the resources to explore at home. But on campus I do. From the movie, fast and furious, it got me excited about learning cars, how to design, develop and assemble them. It also peaked my interest when I realized my dad and his side of the family are huge car people but they never taught me anything because they weren’t really around so I was unable to get hands on learning experience. Which is another suggestion I have; even though you are not your parents you may still have the same interests as they do so look at your family's history hobbies/jobs for guidance. Since I joined the automotive club I knew that club was for me. I knew it was my passion because when the club members went over what they are doing I was getting excited! Even though I had no idea what they were saying on the technical terms I was filled with excitement. That's how you know you are passionate about something is the feeling of excitement of the unknown. I find it is when you are excited about the process that takes place, even if you don’t understand it fully, is when you are closer towards finding your passion. There are many different phases in this auto club and I fit each phase. I want to try welding and I’m going to get a mentor on that and then I want to learn how to assemble those parts and then do the coding right after. Which is very exciting for me, I have a phase that fits all of my learning interests. These tips are the main tips I have is to start with movies that get you excited along with guidance from your family members history by watching and observing them. Watch yourself, see what excites you, and dive into it.

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