• Jessica L

The Amazing Power of Positive Thinking

“What you think you become”

The power of positive thinking will do wonders for your life! Go on and ask any physicist, its true. You may not have control over a lot of things in your life but what you do have control over, that nobody else can take away from you, is your own thoughts. Take control over your own thoughts, by doing what most people believe is you living in a fantasy world; dream of a better life. Well guess what? Me living in a fantasy world is how I got to starting this amazing blog! Take control of your mind by thinking about what you want and how to get it. It’s most important to feel the positive emotions of achieving whatever goal you desire.

This week I have been thinking more positive thoughts lately, by writing down things I’m grateful for every morning. Also, by meditating/visualizing a happy lifestyle for myself. I’ve notice a huge change in my life! That more great things have been coming my way. For example, I got a potential internship that will pay for my housing over the summer. It just randomly happened in class when a student raised his hand and talked about his company offering free housing for students that live over 50 miles from this area. And I live over 50 miles from this area so I got in contact with him and he told me to email him my resume so he can send it to HR!! This manifested within a couple of weeks and I was able to write down another thing to be grateful for! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to emailing him for a couple of weeks because I wanted to update my resume and I have been so busy lately (which is not an excuse). Yesterday, I told myself so firmly that I will turn in my resume because I really wanted that job. I found it to be an odd coincidence when on that same day the guy came up to tell me the news that they just fired someone and are really desperate for an IT intern! Then he reminded me to send him my resume. So, I finally did it. I applied for the position when the company was desperate for an intern. Sound good right? The student then took a look at my resume and said I have a really good chance at getting in!! This has been my 2019 goal was to stay positive, feel/be grateful for everything because I have faith in the universe or the higher presence to deliver. And it did!!! Anyway, this was my story on why I believe people should choose to think/be/feel more positive. If this amazing thing just happened to me I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen to you. Because “like attracts like” and “what goes around comes around” you all heard those sayings before so believe them! Not to mention that this job is a part time position which works out perfectly for me because that means I can spend more time on my blog and growing it. I got the best of both worlds here and I want the same for you.

Most successful people think about not only what they want but how to get it. I believe that most of us do think about what we want but sometimes we don’t get it so why is that? Well, I believe, for one, you may be thinking about it but how your emotions are put towards that thought will result in a different outcome than you expected. For example, if you think about wanting a million dollars but get really sad and depressed because you don’t have it, then that’s why it hasn’t come. Because not only are you upset that you don’t have it but you are reinforcing to the universe that its not there and falsely believe that you will never get it. You must believe that its on its way to you. Feel the excitement that it's already there and feel blessed for it. Also, you may be dreaming of your goal but you are not doing anything about it. Not only must you dream about your goal but you also must put forth effort and action. If this is a career choice that gets you excited then what is holding you back? Go for it! We have tons of excuses why we cannot do the things we want but that is only hurting you. Instead, maybe make excuses on why you should. Anyone, if they want something so bad they are going to find time and be sure to get it. That is how I came to blog. I dreamt about becoming a successful blogger and loving what I do. In my head it was so vivid. I wanted it so bad that it bothered me and I actually did it. I bought the domain name and purchased the website and now I blog to my heart's content. Living your dream life is possible. I may not have a lot of viewers, yet, but not only do I have faith but I am already excited about getting more viewers and inspiring more people. You have the power to manifest anything you want. You can choose to manifest good or bad things. You are the magnet of your thoughts so please choose your thoughts wisely and live your best life!

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