• Jessica L

8 ways to help get your week organized: College edition.

This new semester I really had to adjust to my new classes by learning what did and didn't work for me in terms of studying and figuring out what my professors are like. It was a major adjust from taking all math classes last semester to a reading class. Since I am an IT major here are my tips and tricks to help balance your general education with your required classes. Because studying for coding or math or science is completely different than studying for a reading class or history one. I plan to get my week organized by doing the following things:

1. Get up early. I plan to do this by setting my phone across the room and time myself to get 8 hours of sleep. By getting up early, you won't feel as stressed as you would when you wake up later in the day. This is because you will feel like you have all day to yourself to finish what you want, meanwhile being free for other things.

2. If your professor records lectures go over them. My coding professor video tapes her lectures. I found that I struggle with the 50 minutes lab quiz, so I had to find a new way to prepare myself for the weekly labs which will be going over her videos. I realized that she sends us lab objectives early for a reason so we can look over our notes and prepare.

3. Start doing quizzes or homework very early. Meaning start once you get it or at least a week before its due date. That way at tutor centers or nights you can go over it with your tutor. I am going to accomplish this by starting to do my reading quizzes early. I have a class called "Perspectives of Latin America" and we have to do reading quizzes, three times a week. I accidentally missed a reading quiz and that is not happening again because on the days I have off, which is Tuesday and Thursday, I am going to take the time and finish all the reading quizzes for the week.

4. Get my professor to respond to his emails. I take an online class with a professor and if the class has any questions we are supposed to be emailing him. Unfortunately some of us strike out with bad professors. When this particular professor does respond to people's emails we are met with sarcasm and utter rudeness but we must still be polite. So, in this situation you have to be affirmative and polite at the same time. I just send him an email saying I am following up on my previous question and I'll leave it at that. If he changes my grade and lowers it I will have find someone to complain to whoever has the power to change it.

5. Workout/Yoga/Self care day everyday. This wouldn't be a good college advice blog without pointing out that it's important to have exercise and to take time to yourself everyday so the day doesn't seem so daunting. Plus, you will have something to look forward to when you're all done with your tasks. Exercise is a stress reliever, as most know, and yoga is also a stress reliever and a really great back stretcher when your muscles are tense from hunching over and studying or looking down at your laptop and typing.

6. Enjoy learning. I know this can be difficult but tricking yourself to enjoy learning will help you be more engaged in the material and retain the information better.

7. Try to clean 10-15 minutes a day. If possible, it would be good practice to clean up your area. If you do school work in your room or have another designated room it'll make the mind clearer to work and a lot more relaxed. Meaning, you will not be as stressed when you enter a clean and tidy room versus having a messy room to the point where you have to push off a bunch of papers from your desk.

8. Outline for upcoming exam. Yes, I have an exam coming up and instead of what I normally do, which is study last minute, I am going to make a plan to understand each of the concepts I'm struggling with by created an outline of what we went over.

These are just the methods I am using, but my main takeaway is that it's important to take time and find what is working and not working for you and your particular class. Whatever is not working you have to be thinking about knew and creative changes to use so you can get that high GPA you desire!

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