• Jessica L

How to Celebrate Valentines Day Being Single

Believe it or not many people are single during Valentines Day, including myself. But instead of crying and eating a box of chocolates (like in legally blonde) because you don't have a boyfriend you should be celebrating!

Being single during Valentines Day is a bad ass move. Instead of complaining you don't have a boyfriend for Valentines Day you should be celebrating your singlehood and independence! You are free! Embrace being single because you have the freedom to do whatever you want and don't have to answer to anybody. One day all of us will find somebody. And if you're all about committed relationships, like me, then you'll know that once you settle down with someone you really love there's not a chance of being single again. So, my advice is to enjoy being single while you can. Singlehood should be considered a celebration and not a failure. You may wonder whats wrong with me if you don't have a boyfriend, because all your friends do, but in reality there is nothing wrong with you. The dedication you have on focusing on yourself is commendable. The reason why we don't have a boyfriend is because we wont settle for anything less. We desire to have a man who will treat us right and will not settle for any guy walking on the streets. It's much better to wait. The best things come for those who wait. Many people around you may be in relationships and if you are in your 20's and those family members, who are at relatively the same age as you, is in a relationship that's not something to get jealous about. More than likely he/she may be settling for someone less. Either way, comparison is a bad habit to get into because it doesn't do anything beneficial for you. You deserve more than just settling for someone who is less of your expectations. Guys mature longer than girls so you will have to wait but it'll be worth it. So, in the meantime, instead of viewing Valentines Day as a date holiday make it about celebrating your singlehood and independence from a man. I plan on taking myself out to dinner with my single mom and my (possibly) single sister. Or I may treat this holiday to catch up on some well needed skin care routine. I have big dreams and I have big ambitions and goals and I don't want to get distracted by wasting my time and energy on worrying about not getting a boyfriend. It's stupid. I have all my life to find someone but for now I am young and dedicated to my future.

A little short story about myself, I thought it was funny how last year being single on Valentines Day was popular. I was in a relationship and felt like I was odd being in a relationship and wanted to be single too. Now I am (that's not why we broke up) but sometimes I have those days where I miss being in relationship but I found that it's better this way. It's interesting how social media can influence our behavior and thinking. Sometimes even without knowing about it; social media can be empowering or harmful. Either way I was shocked by myself consciously wanting to be single when most of my life I craved being in a relationship because I thought it would satisfy me. Know, I love being able to have the freedom to get to know myself more and spend time working on my career. I love it! I currently have a lot of time to grow myself and help other people along the way to find their inner happiness too. So that one day when we find the right person we will be ready by not loosing ourselves in the relationship and having more true love to give than we had before.

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