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How to Get and Stay Motivated!!

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We all have been unmotivated in our lives many times. I’m a college student and I am great at procrastination. It’s a struggle to get yourself to sit down and start doing tasks in order to set yourself up for success. No matter how small the task is you find yourself binge watching Netflix or playing video games. You then have this annoying voice in the back of your mind that keeps reminding you that you must get things done. I have struggles just like anyone else where I don’t feel the need to get out of bed in the morning because I know I must start these tasks and it feels painful. In short, I have devised methods to get myself to do these tasks. This advice will work for whatever goal you want to accomplish.

Allow yourself time to rest

Lazy is one thing but when you’re on the go all the time it’s really good to take time to yourself and relax. It’s essential because our body operates successfully on cycles of work, eat, and rest. That’s who we are. We cannot be on the go 24/7. Finding that balance between those cycles is crucial to your motivation and success. For more information on how to set yourself up for success please click on the link here.

Take care of yourself

For some people it works to put on a full face of makeup and rocking attire to make yourself feel like you are ready for the day. Dressing yourself up may help you feel more ready to get the tasks done. This also may include pampering yourself which is another act of self-care. Now you don’t need to go on an expensive spa retreat. Let’s be real who really has the money for that but a nice face mask while soaking your feet in hot sea salted water will do the trick. Even while having a nice hair mask. This also includes eating right and exercising. I know this is common advice but when I eat a salad or any vegetable, I find myself having energy for a longer period of time than I do eating a sugar cookie.


This is my favorite method to do when I’m feeling unmotivated. What you do is sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and visualize how you’re going to complete your tasks. What are you going to do step by step to get the tasks complete? How do you feel after the task is complete? When you identify that feeling of accomplishes and weight lifted off your shoulders it will get you more motivated to do the task. You mentally trained yourself to complete the task now all you need to do is the physical work!!

Find out the why so you can find what drives you

This will be a great motivator if you can keep reminding yourself the importance of completing your tasks. You can do this during or visualize or meditation process if you’d like to mentally prepare yourself.

Structure your tasks and focus

You can do this by putting away all electronics or distractions and time yourself on how much you think the task can be completed. I mean like the pomodoro method. Where you give yourself 25 minutes of your total alert focus and be fully present at the task at hand. Then when the time is up you may feel accomplished and if you still want to keep going then by all means keep going. You don’t have to set 25 minutes. It can be like 10 or 45 but you allow yourself to know that in that sprint or spurt amount of time you devoted yourself to you can get it done. Also keep a notepad or a piece of paper anything you can write on so when your mind drifts off then you can dump it on a sheet of paper and move onto your task, so you don’t forget it.

Don’t burn yourself out

It’s very important to avoid burnout the best you can. Do not take on too much all at once because then you are not giving the full attention of your more important tasks. Also, everyone has a different internal clock so you should experiment with yourself to see what time you have the most energy throughout the day and play into that. This will help you find your balance of the cycles of rest and focus.

Complete the little tasks first

For some people this maybe different. Some may prefer to do the bigger projects first and then the go to the little tasks. For me that seems daunting and when I complete one little task it puts me in a good flow to do more. If I were to do a big project, I would have little energy left to do the smaller tasks. But that’s just me for some it may be the other way around.

Pick something you actually like doing as a really good incentive

For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds instead of running, if you hate it like I do, try bicycling or dancing or tennis for great cardio.

Turn your goals into a habit

Help yourself out by making it a habit. Be specific with yourself so you can focus on specific tasks at hand. You can use a weekly planner to break it up.

Just do it

Finally, with all the advice I mention just do something as simple as start. Be able to arrive and show up and start working. There are techniques you can use like the pomodoro where you time yourself to sit down and have laser focus knowing that there will be a break. Overall, if you pace, like I do about not wanting to do the task, just sit and start works.

If none of this advice works then the problem, perhaps, is not that you can’t do it but that you are unwilling to. What I mean by this is that you are unwilling to set yourself up for success. You have the power to eliminate distractions. There are tons of apps to do it but yet you don’t. The pain of not doing it hasn’t yet become great enough to motivate you to start. So, you need to do your best to eliminate distractions and find the best focus spot for you. For some that may be the library or coffee shop.

I really hope this blog offered you great advice on how to get and stay motivated. It’s mostly about feeling and being successful so if none of these tips worked for you there is a simpler option and product that will work out great! It’s called “Six Minutes to Success 50% Off Commission” where you will learn how to be successful in six minutes. It’s an amazing program just follow this link to see what it’s all about.


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