• Jessica L

How to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

Updated: May 9, 2019

I’ve been in a bad fog lately after my college semester has ended. I thought that recharging my battery by being lazy before the internship was a good idea. For me, it turns out it was not. I knew I could do and be so much more. Yes, after the college semester of intensely studying hard for my exams I could use a day’s break or two. But then it slowly started to become a bad habit. I went from getting up at six in the morning to go to the gym to eating junk food on the couch watching countless hours of psych or live pd. Needless to say, I was not feeling my best. I fell into a fog or a rut of not feeling like I’m doing anything helpful and it bothered me. I needed to change and get out of this fog I put myself in. So here are my tips on how to get out of a rut. Especially from being straight out of college:

1. Know when enough is enough – it helps to start changing when you are sick of the routine you created for yourself. If you’re not progressing and learning it keeps you stagnant. I have all this time before starting my internship and I want to grow and do something great with this blog before I get busy again. Awareness helps to start change. We all have greatness in us that we need to feed into. TV, social media, junk food, laziness, etc. prevents us from reaching our full potentials. So take a little bit out and focus on yourself.

2. Know the whys – identify (if any) what changes in your life caused you to be stuck in a rut? For me it was being done with the college semester with nothing to do. So, I chose to eat junk food and watch tv shows. That personally caused me to be stuck in a rut, so I had to change up my routine. Effectively finding the why’s you can find the how’s to get rid of it.

3. Coffee helps – know I don’t always agree with coffee to solve my problems but just to get you jump started out of that fog coffee will be a great resource to get you to progress into a possible motivated state of mind.

4. Movement – something as little as going for a walk everyday and then slowly start to incorporate dumbbells or resistance bands can form into a great workout. Moving your body helps to exercise your mind. For me, when I walk it makes my mind clearer.

5. Keep learning – one reason why your stuck is because you’re not feeding your brains hunger to keep learning. Neglecting our brains ability to learn makes it seem needless. It’s crucial for us to keep learning. Keeping yourself stagnant does make you feel like you’re in a rut. You need that feeling of growth and achievement to get yourself out of a rut. I do this exercise by reading a good insightful book that gets you thinking about the way the mind works. But you can learn a new language or code anything where you really want to explore and have a little interest in will work.

6. Reach out to other people – you should intentionally seek out conversations with people who inspire and motivates you to get up and do things. Or you can reach an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while and have a nice conversation. I believe the reason why reaching out to an old friend helps is because your updating them on your life and keeping yourself accountable that you will do more. So, the next time you talk you can talk about how well your business is doing when the last time you talked about starting a business

7. Take it one step at a time – it doesn’t always work to leap into being productive. Slowly step into it and take breaks when needed. And if you tend to take long breaks (which I do) then next day shorten them. We are creatures that operate on a cycle of work and rest. So, it’s crucial to not neglect sleep.

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What really changed for me was the annoyance of not being productive and grow my knowledge to help other people as I do with this blog. In short, break the bad habits and slowly grow new and healthier ones. Keep learning any little thing you are interested in, so you have that feeling of growth and accomplishment. Finally, learn to be productive on your own terms. No need to jump into a long routine that your mind and body is not ready for. I hope this helps get you out of that rut you’ve been feeling. Good luck!!

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