• Jessica L

The Importance of Hope


Hope, optimism, happiness, faith, and love is what we have control over. Believe, hope, and have faith in a better world for yourself. Perhaps you have been feeling alone and isolated with only one person to talk to and that’s a family member of yours, that ok. That's ok because there are many people living alone who may feel scared, isolated and have no friends to confide in. I have a friend who proves it is possible to have a sea of friends and still feel alone. Besides it’s important to remember the situation you’re in is only temporary. It’ll become permanent if you let it. There are many opportunities that life has to offer and sometimes you got to go out of your comfort zone and let the good in with the bad. If you feel like you don’t have friends say this to yourself: “I have friends. I am not going to keep going back to that sad place where I think I don’t have friends because I do. I really do.” Sometimes our minds like to make us think, by default, that we are alone and isolated. That is not true. The mind likes to play tricks on you. It’s the genetic makeup but you can always change that thinking if you focus on it and be aware of any negative thoughts that may linger and switch it to positive ones.

Staying positive in a world we live in is actually a very strong quality that a few people possess. To transform into such a mind takes practice. Saying positive affirmations over and over again will help make it so you have a better mind. Also, writing down what you are grateful for helps stop you from only focusing on the bad. It is also important to remember that the depressed state you may be is only temporary and you’re not alone. On social media accounts you see a lot of inspirational quotes. I just realized that the reason why there is so many of them is because there are so many people like us that need a reminder of that inspiration. Your still alive for a good reason. Perhaps your fighting depression, anger, hopelessness, it’s all in your head. The biggest war that we have to fight is within ourselves. We can easily become depressed and destroy ourselves with negative thinking but we can just as easily rebirth ourselves into the person we want to become. It all falls under choice. What we choose to let in and accept, dignifies the path to our future. Now, it can either be a good future, by choosing to let in only empowering and positive thoughts or a bad future by letting in negative ones. If a bad thought comes I quickly recognize it and replace it with a positive one before it embeds itself into my head. Because if those negative thoughts linger then it’ll be a pain to rip out those weeds. Your past doesn’t define you but what you do now does.

Lastly, it’s true that life can suck sometimes but you know what I am waiting for? The times that don’t. One of the reason why life is worth living is because of the hope and wonders of waiting for the good times that’s about to come… And they will come. Just wait, have hope, belief, and have faith and the good times will come to you much more easily.

©2018 by Journey to Self Discovery