• Jessica L

The Rainy Days of Gratitude

There’s something about rainy days that offer a new perspective. Rainy days remind me of a time when I was younger and full of imagination. Walking along the dark sidewalk, with the beams of lights projecting from the car, blurs me to an alternate reality of my imagination. The breeze of the cool air transports me there. A dead and war written world. An apocalyptic world where most hope is lost but few are still fighting to get the world back they once knew and loved. A dystopian world they live in. Flashing from that vision to the present helps slow my world down. People and cars are moving slower. The freedom and life I feel from walking down the wet and dark streets enhance my smell of rain, reminds me again of how much I have to be thankful for. While there is many wars going on between either yourself or other people, give yourself that peace of mind that the people you love, family or friends, are still with you.

Rainy days transport me to another reality that I’m thankful for not living in. It shows me gratitude for the people I have living in my life now. It also reminds me of my past. The crazy and fun adventures I used to have, fast forward to the world I live in know. While the past was fun I need to find solace in all that has changed and adjust to my new reality. My new reality isn’t bad by no means, just a lot less crazy and adventurous. It offers me more time for self reflection; where I can grow and create the journey to learning and improving myself. I have everything I want right here and right now. The power is all inside me.


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