• Jessica L

Weight Loss Hack FAILS

Growing up I did not have a problem with loosing weight at all. I was very active in sports being a competitive swimmer and tennis player in high school. Back then I could eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Now I am a sophomore in college, and I am considered overweight by US standards. Now, for the past week, I have been trying this weight loss hack called fasting. It did not work for me to say the least.


I tried fasting and it did not work for me. It’s where you go 16 or more hours without eating food, this includes sleep. I had to skip breakfast, which I don’t like doing. My body entered in a starvation mode where everything I ate it stored for later. I found myself eating a whole bunch of carbs in those 8 hours I’m allowed to eat and eventually fell asleep from the amount of pretzels or goldfish I ate. I ended up gaining weight. Where I should’ve eaten every 3 hours to keep my metabolism going. I admit perhaps I didn’t do fasting right. I should’ve eaten better foods, but I found myself starving too much that I ate a lot and failed to lose weight.

Now I am not a health expert in anyway. I am just explaining what my number 1 problem was when trying to lose weight. Even though I am not an expert I still do not believe it is a good idea to starve yourself even though religious people have been doing it way before I was born.

What I should’ve done:

Apple cider vinegar:

I believe I would’ve lost the weight if I added apple cider vinegar to my diet. Every morning I should’ve added a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to warm water to speed up my metabolism. To learn more about apple cider vinegar benefits refer to this article here. You can also drink grapefruit juice without the sugar. I did this in college there was a grapefruit they had in the cafeteria and I would squeeze in into my drink and drink it before a workout.

More cardio

Even though I was following the lazy girl hacks I knew I should’ve done more cardio. I am a lazy person and did not want to do this, so I decided to walk. I should’ve walked about 15000 steps a day which was my aim. Now I only do 7000.

Add resistance training to my workout

If I were to workout it would’ve been a good idea to add resistance to burn that fat. I need to do more resistance training primarily in my hips because the mobility in my hips are so weak and they need to be strengthened.

Eat a healthier breakfast to prepare for the day

Along with the apple cider vinegar I want to add a healthy breakfast before I start going to work. Even though I hate oatmeal because of its texture I plan on adding apples and cinnamon before work. And if I still don’t like it I will add dark chocolate because I love chocolate!

Incorporate more protein and veggies in my diet

To make myself stronger and more energized I know I need to incorporate more of the healthy foods. Which is what everyone primarily knows.

Make one meal of the day into a smoothie

I love smoothies so I plan on making myself a strawberry banana smoothie for dinner everyday with chia seeds and spinach to make it healthier. This hack is so you can eat 2 meals that is not liquid and the last meal of the day should be.

Track my caloric intake

I will be using a journal so I can become more aware with what I am putting into my body.

Thank you for reading. Since I am a college student, I get free access to use their gym and group exercises. I plan on using the group exercises along with their nice big pool to burn more fat after work. I’m really excited to do that for my lifestyle and I will keep you updated on my weight loss journey!

Final thoughts: because the keto diet is so popular I decided to provide you this resource to learn how to loose weight the right way on a keto diet. Also, to learn how to stop your body from storing fat you can have this resource. I will be doing a post soon of all my favorite weight loss products to try. Let me know which ones worked for you and which did not as well.

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