• Jessica L

You Get Out What You Put In

Life happened. I didn’t get the internship I wanted but I was lucky/blessed enough to work for the same company at another position. Sure, I was very disappointed I didn’t get the job I wanted but the manager said he was so impressed with my resume and the way I presented myself that he passed my resume along to his managers and they hired me. My main point is that you get out what you put in. If what you put in to the development of yourself is a lot, then you will get a lot of good results in return. That also goes the other way around, by not putting any effort into yourself or your own life then you are not going to get anything in return. I am living proof that all my hard work and not having much of a life outside of school, I got a blessing/opportunity to work for an amazing international company that I don’t plan to fall short in. Life is all about personal growth so I would be lying to myself if I expected this job is going to be easy. Nothing real or worth fighting for is easy. It’s a lot of hard work and exhaustion but once you reach the top it's such a beautiful view and you remember why you have fought and are fighting so hard for. It makes everything worthwhile for all your hard work. You learn to appreciate yourself and love yourself more with the amount of work you put in. Getting offered a job at that internship was my amazing quarter view in my life. Getting that job gave me much more motivation and drive to work harder because I am seeing the results of my hard work. One thing I have to remember is to keep being grateful for what I have. I do believe that the more you practice gratitude the more good things will come. Stay positive and believe in yourself. Because you only get one chance to live this life once in your own body and you have just as much power to make improvements as the next person does. Whether that’d be in your own body by improving your health or in life, you are like everyone else, you have just as much capability as any other person. We are all human and that is what makes us powerful. We have the choice to stay optimistic and be determined as just as much as famous celebrities. We also have such a strong drive and can achieve great things with that drive. Most of famous celebrities all started in our shoes anyway. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and Disney went bankrupt at one point before it kick started into this massive empire. That’s how I like to view life sometimes. Sure, you may feel bankrupt but with hard work and unlimited amount of beliefs in yourself you too can build a massive empire of your own life. It all starts with you

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