Harbor Springs, MI

July 10, 2018

In this tiny town full of cute shops and landmarks there are a lot of beautiful scenery in and near Harbor Springs. It has a calm and relaxing environment but gets crazy on the week of 4Th of July. If you are looking to escape to a place that is calm I do not recommend coming here on 4th of July. It can get hectic and people are running around crowding into the shops. I can get overwhelmed with being around a lot of people and if you get that way too it would not be a good place to relax. On the outskirts of Harbor Springs that is where you can find a closer connection with nature and feel a sense of calmness. Around Harbor Springs there is a place called the tunnel of trees. It is a long 15 minute drive on a road full of trees all around. And in that tunnel you can find a historic landmark called Devil's Elbow. Which I will have a paragraph explaining it down below. The tunnel of trees does not only consist of a road full of surrounding trees but you are able to witness the lake, beyond the trees, on one side of the road. Be careful with cars because the road is very narrow and you have to pay close attention when a car is coming your way.



 This photo was taken by me at the pier of Harbor Springs. The time I was there it was really hot in the 90 degrees so a lot of people were going out sailing, boating, jet-skiing on this hot day.


 The photos below are of the town, Harbor Springs. I took many different angles and heights to give my viewers a general idea of what it looks like.




 Devils Elbow

 This was in the tunnel of trees. It has a story or an urban legend that back then the white men came and killed the Indian tribe to take over their territory on this soon to be road. So now, legend has it that the Indian spirits still haunt this road to protect their ancestors from falling off the cliff. As crazy as it sounds I believe it is true. My family has had personal experience on this section of the tunnel of trees. My 2nd cousin who is half Indian drove under the influence and drove off the cliff, not once but twice, and the trees caught his car from smashing at the bottom of the cliff and killing him. Now at the edge of the cliff there are not a lot of trees to be catching a car. Now I would not be telling you this story if it only happened once because thats a coincidence but twice...gets me thinking. The pictures below are the ones that show the cliff... Unfortunately it is overgrown with grass so you guys cannot see how much of a drop the cliff really is. But I though I would insert some pictures anyway.




 Next we have the tunnel of trees. By far one of the most beautiful roads I have driven on. Below are the pictures to get an idea of what I was seeing.




 Harbor Springs, MI is a very adventurous place. You have the town to explore, the bay, and the outskirts of the town. These photos were only a few landmarks that Harbor Springs has to offer. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog.




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