X-men Analysis.

August 1, 2018

Now I have been a huge fan of x-men before I entered elementary school! I absolutely love the show and believe that the creator did such a great job in making the characters and the conflicts! But I wondered where did he get that inspiration from? How did he come up with the amazing storyline? Well I have a theory that I hope to have a discussion with him and if not I hope to have a discussion with the community because I really believe in my hypothesis. 


I believe that Stan Lee got the inspiration to create this amazing comic by our black history. In the past, whites and blacks had a conflict because blacks were not being treated equally as whites. So how does that history correlate with how the creator made x-men? Here are a few reasons why I believe it is.


1. Conflict between mutants and humans - Like in black history there was a conflict between the whites and the blacks. In the x-men comics, mutants were not getting the proper equality treatment they deserve, much like blacks, and fought for their equality in the world.


2. Professor Xavier and Magneto - These powerful characters remind me of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Because to fight for equality in the world Magneto, Malcolm X, used violence as a way to obtain their equality. While Professor X, MLK, used calming and non violent tactics to help them obtain equality.


I know I only have two points to convince my readers and myself as to where the inspiration came from but I feel that they are very strong reasons. If you agree or disagree let me know why I would love to hear from other fans.




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