How to prepare for the upcoming semester in college!

January 5, 2019


I’m going to be doing this article for the students who live in a college dorm point of view and offer tips and tricks on how to prepare for your upcoming studies!


1.Organize your dorm room


Having an organized/clean dorm room or environment helps clear your mind and focus on the important tasks.


2. Read the class syllabus


I neglected doing this and since I didn’t I was unable to prepare for my assignments ahead of time and lost points missing due dates on my homework assignment. I didn’t plan because when I was in high school I memorized all my homework assignments that the teacher pestered on me and didn’t miss a single one. But that doesn’t work for college unfortunately because professors don’t really remind you of the simple upcoming due dates, so you must write everything down.


3. Plan


This semester's plan of attack is to schedule all of your due dates and try to understand the material/topics learned.

I recommend to plan/fan out your study schedule on a weekly basis. That way you can save your time instead of planning for your study schedules the entire month you can have that time to study/do your homework assignments for the upcoming week. If you want to go further and keep track of how many hours you did so you know in the future that this is how many hours you need to understand the material/topic then do that. My new thing is to study the new material before lecture. And see if your questions get answered and if not then ask the professors because most of them are there to help you. After lecture you should review your notes and reflect on what you have learned in your own words. This will help you practice repetition. You will have to review material a lot before you can truly understand them. The more you review the more you’ll know. You always should keep reviewing the material so you don’t forget it when your learning a bunch of new material. This way you can stay organized and find connections between the topics to help further your understanding of the course. Lastly, always backup your files and projects you may be working on. Since I am an IT major my professor has taught me a useful tool that I forgot in high school. And that is to backup your files/projects on dropbox. Dropbox is free and has a lot of storage so in case if your computer crash or you spill water on it you can go to another computer and retrieve your files so you don’t have to worry and stress about all the work you put into a project and miss the due date(s).


3. Having a Morning/Evening Morning Routine


To wake up in the morning most people exercise but if you don’t want to do that (completely understandable) then just try finding things to look forward to your morning so you can get yourself out of bed. This could be writing in your journal/draw/read/go for a walk. Or do something as simple as washing your face with a refreshing morning cleanser. My sister’s personal favorite is to do your makeup and hair. That's what motivates her to wake up in the morning. For me I like to meditate and do yoga or pace. I’m slowly trying to workout in the morning because I desire a healthier body.

For an evening routine, to let your body know its time to go to bed soon, try writing all your worries down (that's what keeps me up at night is tomorrow's work). Stay off your phone or laptop and read a book. Sometimes I want to go online so I can type out new ideas for my blog but I remembered a great way to remember my ideas before I forget them and that's recording my voice on my phones free recording app. Also, taking a shower with stress relief soap is a good wind down from your day. Lastly, take your night care slow. This will slow down not only your body but your mind to help you go to bed easier. Do not play your favorite music that you want to dance to. If you have to play music play slow music so it can help you sleep.


5. Well Balanced Diet


Will keep you energized by not making you so tired out after all the intake of sugar and carbs


6. Exercise


Is a good stress relief and I don’t mean you need to do rigorous exercise but something as simple as taking a walk outside to help clear your mind or (as equally as impactful) practice yoga and meditation.


So those are my tips and tricks for the upcoming semester. Happy learning!



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